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a news exclusive. >> someone call 911. >> this was the scene seconds after the crash. five people were trapped inside two vehicles and the intersection wa a mangled mess. crystal walker was one of two people inside the cadillac. >> i couldn't move at all. i felt glass on me, blood all over me. i felt like i just died right then and there. >> a week later, she is still in the hospil in pain, but glad she's alive. >> i'm shocked that i'm still alive. >> the cadillac was hit by this suv. walker remembers hearing witnesses trying to help. >> i could hear voices saying get her out of the car before the car blow up. i could hear that. that's the last thing that i heard. i just want to thank everybody that helped me out of that car. i probably wouldn't be living today. >> reporter: today she watched video of the aftermath for the first time. >> i am still in the car.
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i'm still in that car. that's me right there. how in the world am i still living to see another day? >> news crews were covering an event nearby and rushed to the scene along with city officials. she remembers being frightened and didn't know if she would get out. >> never scared me until that moment right there is when they said we have to get them out before these girls die. both of my legs are broken. they put plates and stuff in my leg to keep my leg to be straight. >> reporter: the 34-year-old is recovering with two broken legs and a broken hip and severe burns on her body. it will be a long road of recovery for the mother of five. walker is glad to have a second chance at life. >> i need to be there for my kids and i say all the time, you know, why did it have to happen to me? out of all people, i was supposed to start a job this week. now i have to start all over
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again from scratch. >> now a lot of people didn't think she would make it. the balloons and flowers have been sw to get to the hospital room. the other person was her friend. she was going to talk to us today, but got transferred to a rehabilitation hospital. she was severely burned and has a broken leg. it's an amazing story to survive from. thank you so much for sharing your story with us. this armed robbery didn't try to hide his identity. he walked into the minimart in loudoun county, pulled a gun, demanded cash. he kept the gun pointed at the store clerk. loudoun county investigators want to know if you recognize that guy and would like you to give them a call. judgment day in a crime spree that terrorized montgomery county for months. elderly women tied up, robbed, left in pain inside their homes. one of them, that bethesda woman died after the attack. the judge maid sure the
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cvicted killer will never see freedom again. life without parole and then some. >> reporter: the sentence given jose garcia today means he will live the rest of his life behind bars. judge michael mason handing the illegal immigrant life without parole followed by three consecutive life sentences. in their victim impact statements to the judge, a handful of victims along with family members, the only person rd ered called jose garcia dangerous, cruel, vicious. they implored the judge to showd no leniency. he rained terror on montgomery county, stalking his elderly victims, tieing them up, and leaving them for dead. >> quite candidly, a few more hours, another day, mrs. wolfe might not be here with us
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because she was in very, very tough shape when she was found. she was luckier and was able to escape more quickly. but he didn't care. he didn't care how he left them. he left as judge mason said, he left these women for dead. he was wanting in total disregard for these people which make the sentence all that much more appropriate. >> garcia never testified at his trial. his attorney says he's a thief, not a murder. the jury found the dna evidence very convincing and convicted the electrician in just an hour and a half of deliberations. brian. paul wagner, live in our newsroom. a metro bus driver caught on camera talking on her cell phone. tonight, union officials say she should be back on the job. a local blogger snapped this cell phone photo. well, the transit union says the driver was calling the control center for metro because her two-way radio didn't work and they say she
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never moved the bus while she was on the phone. metro enforced a zero tolerance policy. a disturbing policy, concerned about a dangerous chemical. the army corps of engineers found mustard. it has been the scene of a 16- year-old cleanup project. fox5's tom fitzgerald is there with more. >> reporter: brian, this latest discovery is prompting fresh promises of action from the u.s. army corps of engineers. residents say they have heard that all before. the army stopped its search for world war i chemical weapons at this house. the reason for people doing the investigation came across an open glass flask and inside were the trace amount of the chemical agent used to make
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mustard gas. >> we have every reason to believe that there were agents there. >> eleanor holmes norton met with the army corps of engineers. since the cleanup began, the army left the site twice and this time she says that is not going to happen again. >> remember, the corps left and had to be recalled. the corps is not leaving again until this is all done. >> reporter: for its part, colonel dave anderson of the u.s. army corps of engineers says the job of the investigation is to locate any dangerous material. so in his view, the discovery of the mustard agent means their success has been proven. for now, the work is on hold until the army figures out what to do next. >> at this point, work has ceased at this site. the site has been secured. e ho has been capped and we'll make a reassessment of the risk before we continue any type of work in terms of
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protection of theworkers, protection of the community. >> but former residents of this neighborhood, like kent, who grew up here, but moved away recently say they are skeptical about promises from the army corps, he has been fighting for years to get the site cleaned up, says he heard promises of action before. >> we need more overnight. unfortunately, i don't think the situation is going to change. i think we are going to continue to get more of the same from the army corps. >> now the u.s. army corps of engineers says it has tested the eight workers who made the discovery here at the house. so far, they show no signs of exposure or any of the symptoms associated with the mustard agent. the congresswoman says she is not done with this yet. she plans to hold a town meeting here in september. live tonight in northwest. mourners paying their final respects to eunice kennedy shriver. here are the live pictures of the church where thousands are expect to turn out to today's
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public wake, including athletes from the special olympics. shriver founded the special olympics. she passed away on tuesday at the age of 88. a private funeral mass will be held tomorrow. coming up next here at 6:00, an exemployeesive town hall meeting in maryland. one protester taking it way too far. why the secret service is stepping in on that. >> a caught on camera moment. passive aggressive or downright rude? texas lawmaker there at the town hall meeting answering her cell phone while a cancer survivor asks a question. thank you very much, brian. are you ready for some football? it's the redskins and the ravens and the preseason game for both teams. whis going to play and who is not? jim zorn will tell us and what he is looking for as the news edge at 6:00 continues. happening at pizza hut.
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- woooh, nice! - at's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... anour personal panormous pizzstarting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. the healthcare debate is hot right now. e-mails overloaded the house
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website today. capitol hill's technical support warns lawmakers the website may be slow. spike in web traffic comes amid route town hall meetings. the secret service is investigating a man from last night's healthcare town hall meeting. he had a sign that read death to obama, quoting here, and death to michelle and her two stupid kids. not according to the police. the meeting was hosted by senator ben cardin. president obama was not there. the sheriff's office detained the man and turned him over to secret service. my trust in the united states government and its leadership has been destroyed. >> and the heated healthcare town halls continue. this one held by senator arlen spector up in pennsylvania. new polls reveal support for the healthcare overhaul is dwindling. the white house says it is a result of misinformation and it is battling with the website called reality check and a chain e-mail. the supporters of reform. >> one of the reasons we pushed back is because of the
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misconceptions. some of the misconceptions contributed to the poll numbers? i don't doubt that. >> president obama is gearing up for two more town halls this week. the first in massachusetts tomorrow. >> texas congresswoman sheila jackson lee answering the call for healthcare reform, rather answering her cell phone during a town hall meeting. this is video on youtube. a cancer survivor. someone in the crowd can be heard saying, come on, dude. and she isn't even listening. after a vow minutes, the congresswoman hung up and swered the question. >> up next at 6:00, all you can fly, for $600, is jet blue's new deal worth the cash? and dramatic video, a pilot rescued clinging to his crashed plane in the middle of the ocean. as we go to break, the music world saying good-bye to a music legend.
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inventing the electric guitar as we know it. gibson les paul guitar. the grammy winning musician and inventor brought out the rise of multitrack recordings. in recent years, he still plays some new york city night spots. les paul was 94.
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we all watched the accident moments after it happened. crystal walker and her friend were both in the car and amazed that total strangers helped. tonight, a gripping account of what it was like to be in the crashed car. crystal says a lot of people didn't think she made it. in fact, she jokes the balloons and flowers have been slow. the other person in the car was her friend, regina jackson. she was going to talk to us today, but got transferred to a hospital. she was severely burned and has a broken leg. in the newsroom, robbie chavez, fox5 news.
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the travel deal that has everybody talking. jet blue's all you can fly pass. for $599, fly as many times as you want for one month. what is the catch? fox5 is here now. when i saw this last night, i literally almost went to the news director and asked for the entire month of september off. should i, or should i not? >> not everyone can get away at a moment's notice. we found in many cases booking
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just a couple of flights will pay for the pass. here's how it works. all you have to do is buy that all you can jet pass by next friday, august 21. then you can book as many flights as you want between september 8 and october 8. they have to be booked three days in advance. now jet blue is trying to fill the seats in what is typically a slow time. labor day marks the unofficial end to the travel season. it is a $600 passport. here are examples of flights. many east coast flights like this one to new york's jfk. so you would have to make three trips in one month to new york to get your money's worth. other flights, like going to this weekend, that is $560 and a week in bermuda, $425. in most cases, you would have to fly twice to make the pass worth it. >> another question we always ask, what about the fine print? >> you and the details, brian.
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what's nice about this deal is you can change or cancel your reservations. if you change your flight, that will cost you $100 and no shows is a $100 fee for that too and suspend your pass. and there are additional fees for international flights and puerto rico. also instead of getting flier miles for each flight, you get a one-time 35 points when you buy the 's a good deal if you a going do a lot of flying. >> the weekends are going to sell out quick. we are doing a lot of tuesday to thursday flying. >> you will have to do a lot of planning ahead. >> take the whole month off. an astonishing end to a police chase in detroit. a driver had stolen a pickup truck in the suburbs and led him into the city. he crashed it into a minivan at an intersection then he slams into the power pole there. the truck explodes. the driver was killed. no word on how the people in
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the other vehicle are doing at this hour. a dramatic rescue on the high seas. a pilot was flying across the irish sea when something went wrong. he was forced to make an emergency landing. a british road team saw it happen. the coast guard and sent chopper to rescue the man. the pilot was treated for shock and hypothermia. all right. talk about our weather here. we had some live shots up in baltimore. it is a single cell that was running over? >> very much so. owctrd niis . i thisdistrict now. it is getting ready to work into the district. here is the clouds from it. you can just see a couple of things going on. actually, there's several little things going on pretty much happening right on top of us. as we look at this from the live tower picture, you can see some clouds here. now that is not necessarily clouds from this little shower or thunderstorm i'm going to show you. there's another boundary scooting on through. it is coming off the bay.
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that's helping to contribute to this shower and thunderstorm. now we'll go on over to the true view and show you this is the same cell that came through baltimore earlier. it has been scooting right down i-95 here through laurel. bowie, you are getting a shower here and this moves into the district. looks like this is so small. it stays away from silver spring. right here, there's some green and blue, rockville, silver spring, down into the western sections of the district. this is what i was showing you on the tower cam. that's a little boundary moving through. it's a little sea breeze boundary if you will. we could have one or two more showers firing up over that. or around that the next couple of hours until it dispates later on this evening. just something to keep your mind on, because we probably are not going to be completely dry for the next couple of hours. hey, listen highs today up into the upper 80s. reagan national, 87. dulles, 88. and if you are lucky to sneak
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in a trip, there's not many more left in summer here. friday, saturday, a chance of widely scattered showers and thunderstorms at the beaches. pretty much all up and down the shore, too. sunday looks to be the dryer and the warmer of the three dais here as temperatures get back up into the lower to mid 80s. thunderstorms friday, saturday. across the bay about the same as well. it looks like friday, saturday, some scattered thunderstorms. dry for just about everybody, though on sunday. 85 in the district now. 82 for roanoke. there's some big heat building out here and it looks like a piece of that will make a run for us on the weekend. it doesn't look like we are going to be extremely hot. we will definitely be up into the 90s. showers and thunderstorms along this stalled out boundary to the east of us. high pressure trying to bring us some good weather. eventually, as we get through the weekend, this one is going
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to win out and high pressure will take over for us. it's not going to be all together. 86 tomorrow. tomorrow a lot like today. 88 on saturday and getting warmer. sunday, monday, and tuesday, the big game tonht in baltimore, it will be dry. let'check in with dave feldman. he is live at redskins field. let's give the bank a plug. feldman. >> reporter: thank you very much. we are in baltimore getting ready for the redskins and the ravens. there's a little history here. we'll give you a lesson on what happened last december and tell you who is going to play tonight coming up in a live report. first, tiger woods could soon be going for gold. today, olympic leaders propose golf and rugby to be included in the summer games. the panel rejected several other sports. final vote in november. if golf is approved, he is
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absolutely sure tiger will play.
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hi everybody. i'm here for the preseason opener. i was here back in december when the ravens won 24-10 in the regular season game and it was freezing. this will be a lot different. there will be no clinton portis
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tonight. no santana ss. no albert hainesworth? who will play? let's show you some of the guys that will get some action. redskins top pick is brian aracpo. he missed the first day of camp, but that's all he has done wrong this entire summer. he was a deferencive end at texas, but he is making the transition to linebacker and tonight is a dream come true. >> i have been watching nfl all my life. now i get to suit up in a real life game in the preseason. i'm very excited. i just want to be productive and treat it like practice where i'm lying around making plays. >> reporter: well, the microscope will be on last year's rookie receivers. kelly caught only three passes last year. devon thomas finished with 15 passes. they both battled hamstring injuries and you can expect heavy doses of number 11 and number 12 starting tonight. >> i would love to see them go as many reps as they can go.
6:26 pm
now there's going to be a revolving receiver group in there, but those guys are going to play often. >> i think we took more pressure on ourselves. this is the first time in a long time that i went a whole year without making plays on the field. so you know, it is a pride thing. you know what you can do and you want to show people. >> reporter: and both receivers trying to take the number two job from antwon randle el. stallworth has been suspended for one year by violating the league's personal conduct and substance abuse policy. he pleaded guilty to a march 4 crash, in which he killed a construction worker. to golf now. in the final major of the year. the pga championship at hazelteen. tiger woods for birdie on the par 5, a four-time winner here. a five-time winner on tour
6:27 pm
here. woods is your clubhouse leader with a five under 627. look out. and it's good to see phil mickelson back. played only once since the u.s. open. he likes this tournament. eight top ten finishes. phil is two over 14. right now he is 7 shots back. we are about one hour away from the redskins and the ravens. another guy that will get a good look is the backup quarterback. he will alternate with todd collins. the starting quarterback, number 17 expected to only play one or two series. we'll see what happens with colt brennan tonight. brian, it should be a good game. a good game for player evaluation. >> indeed. dave enjoy the game, we'll be watching as well. look tonight at 10:00. of course you have the news edge now. the news is always on a lot of stories to update throughout the evening. we will do so there and have tht the very latest tonight. tmz on tv coming up xt. our stfed pizza rolls,
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pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $ the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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>> ot bad outhere today. temperatures did manage to get into the upper 80s, a little bit less humidity. we had a couple thunderstorms late this afternoon and showers around. all th ofsunshine. t of sunshine. not a bad summer day. temperatures in the upper 80s. overnight tonight, mild. there may be some patchy fog in places, but it's not going to be too bad. i think by early tomorrow morning, any fog we get will burn off quite quickly. through the day tomorrow, if you like today, you'll love tomorrow. it's going to be a carbon copy. temperatures start out in the lower 70s and they warm up into the middle to upper 80s for high temperatures. we'll have humidity, but it's not going to be outrageous. spotty thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, an isolated thunderstorm on saturday. that means one or two and as we get into sunday, we dry out. we get warmer. temperatures sunday, monday, and tuesday right up to around 90 degrees. so a little bit warmer than where we should

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